Collect email addresses on your Shopify site to nurture the customer relationship and improve Conversion Rate.

CRO for Shopify isn’t just about primary conversions (getting people to buy).

Sometimes users are just not ready to buy during their initial session. Perhaps they are on the fence about spending a lot of money, or maybe they don’t know if they can fully trust you yet.

If a user isn’t ready to buy, they may still consider agreeing to be emailed (if they are rewarded for doing so). This kind of secondary conversion may not be as great as an actual purchase, but it will allow you to work on some of those aversions to making a purchase, so that the user eventually buys later down the line.

Offering users a discount when they sign up to a mailing list is a good way to overcome objections to purchase.

Once you have the user’s email, you can send them a discount. If cost was the reason the user didn’t convert, then having a discount in hand is likely to help persuade them to return.

After sending the initial discount, you then have the opportunity to send them content which builds trust and an emotional connection to your brand. This will help you overcome any objections to purchase based on a lack of familiarity.

The benefit of sending relationship nurturing emails is that they have a long-term Conversion Rate pay off.

The user is more likely to return to a company or brand they are comfortable with and feel a sense of connection too.

In order to create this connection, you should be repeatedly stating your brand values in your email sequence. These values should align with your user’s values, helping them to identify with your brand. You can read more about aligning your brand values with those of your customers in my article on the topic here.

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I truly hope that this CRO for Shopify series has been helpful.

In this series we covered:

  1. Winning back lost customers with a basket abandonment plugin.
  2. De-Americanising your Shopify site to increase trust.
  3. Getting users to where they want to be by making your navigation more intuitive.
  4. Improving your product pages (and),
  5. Collecting email addresses and nurturing the customer relationship.

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My CRO for Shopify Programs are designed to cover all of the points within this series and more. Get in touch with me at or 0115 671 9909 to discuss your CRO needs.

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