Make More Money From Your WooCommerce Website.

No matter how much your WooCommerce website is currently making, there is a Conversion Rate Optimisation Program to improve its performance.


Every WooCommerce CRO Program begins by increasing understanding.

  • The first step towards a better conversion rate is understanding where users may be getting lost, stuck or board on your WooCommerce website. We conduct a CRO Audit on your website to gain this understanding.
  • Just like WooCommerce CRO Programs, there is an audit for every website size and budget.
  • After your audit, you join a specialist WooCommerce CRO program that is backed by 10+ years of delivering CRO results.
  • Improving your conversion rate is the best way to drive up profits because you get more sales, without spending any more money on marketing, meaning a lower cost of customer acquisition.
  • Sale increases also last much longer when they happen as a result of CRO than as a result of a marketing campaign. This makes CRO a smart investment for now and for the future.
  • There is no need for you to research the steps to improve your conversion rate (unless you want to), because those included in your program have been proven to work many times over.
  • During your program, you will have regular contact with a real human, keeping you informed about improvements to your user experience and key metrics.

CRO For E-commerce Pricing


Ideal for smaller sites
£ 750 Per Month
  • Increase sales
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Improve basket and checkout experience
  • Win back “lost” customers
  • Build a relationship with new customers
  • Increase user trust
  • Improve user flow
  • Health check for analytics


Perfect for medium sites
£ 1250 Per Month
  • Increase Sales
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase Avg order value
  • Persona work
  • Enhanced navigation support
  • One-to-One Follow Up Session
  • User Research
  • User journey mapping
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Win back "lost" customers


Bespoke guidance for larger and fast growth sites
£ TBC Price on request
  • Dedicated, in-person, expert guidance
  • Much lower customer acquisition costs
  • Conversion focused split testing
  • Further increased sales
  • Lower basket abandonment
  • Continual improvement of user experience
  • Win back "lost" customers
  • Enhanced customer retention
  • Includes page design
  • Ongoing advanced site search
  • Navigation optimisation
  • Customer loyalty strategy
  • Development support

Just a few of the many companies I have helped!


What My Clients Say


In Need Of WooCommerce CRO Expertise – Look No Further

I have first-hand experience:

I have been improving conversion rates and getting companies more sales for over 10 years.

I ran my own, high performing WooCommerce website which had a conversion rate 200% higher than the industry average at the time. 

The customer acquisition cost for this website was also 20% lower than the market leading competitor as a result of implementing CRO successfully.

My CRO expertise and first-hand knowledge of the WooCommerce platform puts me in a fantastic position to help you optimise the conversion rate of your WooCommerce website.  

I have a tailored plan that will propel your business forward:

I designed a 3-tier program to help companies using a WooCommerce platform, regardless of their size. These programs deliver CRO wins that are tailored to the needs of businesses at different stages of their growth journey.

I have also established a network of trusted experts which help me deliver the results you are looking for and help you grow even faster.

I firmly believe companies on the Mature and Thrive programs will gain a high enough ROI and drive down customer acquisition costs to the point where they are ready and wanting to take their growth to the next level within 6 months of being on the program. This rapid business growth will propel your company forward, towards a brighter, more profitable future.

The Mature WooCommerce CRO Program

The Mature Program is all about proving the potential of CRO to you. The Mature Program will get your WooCommerce website the sales it needs to give you confidence that you are on the right path.

The Mature Program is ran over 6-months. Each month, at least one conversion enhancing action is taken.

The Mature WooCommerce CRO Program will make sure:

  • You are more informed about what users are really doing on your website
  • You are savvier to the way users think and act online
  • Your users have a better experience on your WooCommerce website, (making them more likely to shop with you)
  • You no longer feel like you need to pump increasing amounts of money into marketing (and)
  • You begin to have a conversation with your customers that forges a relationship and increases the number of repeat sales.

The Thrive WooCommerce CRO Program

E-commerce companies on the Thrive WooCommerce CRO Program have a plan that is even more tailored to their needs than the Mature WooCommerce CRO Program. The steps within this program depend more on your unique business situation and take a little longer to implement. The reward for this extra effort is further reduced customer acquisition costs and further increased sales.

On the Thrive WooCommerce CRO Program, we are aiming to learn more about your users. We utilise this to create user journeys that are specifically designed to convert your target audience.

Interacting in the right way, across multiple touch points keeps your company in your target audience’s minds, increasing how positive they feel towards your company and the amount they are willing to spend.

The Accelerate WooCommerce CRO Program

Target driven WooCommerce website owners who want extremely low customer acquisition costs and high sales during a period of rapid growth are best suited to the Accelerate WooCommerce CRO Program. On this program, you get me and my 10+ years of experience in person to guide your company through the exciting and challenging period of extensive growth which lies ahead of you.

I will be 100% committed to ensuring your WooCommerce website is being continuously optimised in order to achieve the high sales and growth you are aiming for.

You will receive; a carefully organised list of hypothesises for testing, a road map to testing success, CRO testing run by me and my team, a carefully designed customer communication program to increase loyalty and many other sales boosting strategies.

I have also built up a dedicated and loyal network of experts, so we can create content and set up tests twice as quick as using in-house staff. This means your team have no extra responsibilities to deal with, so they can concentrate on shining in their own areas of expertise.

I have a team skilled in:

  • Design
  • Development (and)
  • Copywriting

Get in touch today and find out how you can convert more visitors into customers without spending more on marketing!


Case Studies

With over ten years of experience as an expert in Conversion Rate Optimisation, I know what makes a website convert. Combining analytical data with an intuitive understanding of user psychology and brand messaging, I can help you significantly improve the performance of your website.

Not Sure If You Would Benefit From A WooCommerce CRO Program?
A CRO Audit Can Help You Decide.

You may still be questioning if a WooCommerce CRO Program is the right choice for your company. That is not a problem, there is no need to decide right now. Having a CRO Audit first can help you decide if a WooCommerce CRO Program is right for your company.

You don’t have to sign up to any of the WooCommerce CRO Programs for a fixed amount of time, but it is best for you to begin them feeling positive that you want to take part for at least 6 months to get the most benefits.

Having a CRO Audit, (whether this be Mature, Thrive or Accelerate) does not mean you have to engage in a WooCommerce CRO Program.

But a CRO Audit will:

  • Provide a fresh perspective on your WooCommerce website
  • Reveal why your users are not engaging and spending more freely
  • Help you learn why users are leaving without converting
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Help you make a decision about what to do next

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