Win back lost Shopify customers with a basket abandonment plugin.

Basket abandonment is so frustrating!

People clearly had intent to buy, they were right at the finish line, and then for some reason…they bailed.

A CRO Audit on your Shopify site will help identify any problems with your basket and checkout experience which may be causing users to abandon their basket.

Common problems with the basket and checkout experience are; hidden costs or high delivery costs and the checkout looking nothing like the rest of the website (leading to trust issues). If you know that any of these factors are potentially going to be an issue for users on your website, you need to be doing something to fix it.

But even if you don’t know what challenges users are facing, sending them a reminder to check back and complete their purchase can be an effective strategy to improve your Shopify Conversion Rate.

Abandoned basket emails can have a Conversion Rate of up to 10%.

That means that for every 10 people who left your website never to return, at least one of them will be coming back and giving you their money.

The success of abandoned basket emails increases when more than one email is sent. Abandoned basket email series can generate 69% more orders than single basket abandonment emails alone.

This is really important, because there is a standard Shopify basket abandonment email. You can send a user an abandoned basket email by going to the “Abandoned checkouts” section and checking the box to “Automatically send abandoned checkout emails”. But checking this box will only send one email to each user, not a series.

The standard basket abandonment email for Shopify can also be edited to include your company logo and colour scheme. But advanced customisation will require a knowledge of HTML (that quite honestly, a lot of people just don’t have).

That’s why I recommend you install an abandoned cart plugin which allows for greater customisation with drag and drop elements (no coding required). A plugin will also enable the creation of an abandoned cart email series (rather than just one email). I recommend the Recapture plugin, but there are loads of other great options out there!

Check back next week for the next instalment of my CRO for Shopify series.

This article is part 1 of a 5-week series of articles helping you to improve your Shopify Conversion Rate

Still to come we have:

  1. De-Americanising your Shopify site to increase trust.
  2. Getting users to where they want to be by making your navigation more intuitive.
  3. Improving your product pages.
  4. Collecting email addresses and nurturing the customer relationship.

See you there!


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