About Me - Robert Deans

“I just LOVE helping businesses unlock the true potential of their website!”


I’m here to make a measurable difference to your website, brand, and customer loyalty. I love what I do and I’m passionate about helping you get the results you need.

What’s my background?

As I come from  e-commerce and marketing background, I developed a deep understanding of the customer journey, which naturally led to my interest in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

I’ve been practising CRO since 2007, long before it became a mainstream term! I’m data driven, and  I make recommendations based on analytics.

In 2010 I set up Boom Online Marketing with the clear aim of creating a transparent, jargon-free, results-driven Online Marketing Agency. At my time of exit, Boom had helped over 250 businesses reach their online goals and employed 22 people at its Nottingham offices.

Robert Deans

Helping brands thrive

In 2018, I wanted to focus on a more holistic approach to marketing and offer support, guidance and accountability to my clients in a much closer capacity, and then decided to take my skills to the consultancy market.

My approach focuses on the entire customer journey, not just how users navigate through the site.

I use data at every single touchpoint to understand brand loyalty, and use the information to build a well thought out, constructed roadmap in which to fix the issues that are losing you valuable ROI.

Here’s just one example of how I create impact:
One recent split test led to a customer making an additional £70,000 of profit in a two-week period, whilst another led to a 24% uplift in visitors adding products to the basket.

What I Do

For those clients looking to improve the performance of their website or marketing, I can help in 3 key ares.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

I offer Conversion Rate Optimisation and help them generate more leads without spending more on marketing.

Robert Deans Marketing Consultant (colour)

Marketing Consultant

As a Marketing Consultant, I help clients with strategic direction and give guidance on which marketing activities will take them closer to their goals.


Your website profitability is my goal

Making a difference

Whether as a Conversion Rate Optimisation Consultant or an Outsourced Marketing Director, my aim is to make a measurable difference to your business objectives with the minimum amount of impact on your team and operations. I’m flexible to fit in with your team, or I’m totally happy to bring in my own should you need extra support.

If you’d like to have a general chat about how I can improve your website, business, or strategy, I’d love to have an informal chat with you.


An Expert Team

I’m not alone in executing on the strategy I’ll propose for you. I have an expert team with decades of experience that I can bring in if needed. This includes designers, developers, marketing professionals, copywriters, PPC specialists and SEO consultants.

As I’ve worked with them on numerous projects, I have an excellent working relationship with them, and most importantly I can trust them to deliver.

Robert Deans

Robert Deans

CRO Consultant & Marketing Director

With almost a decade working with big brands my experience speaks for itself. A proven track record in delivering impressive results and a business owner myself, I understand what’s needed to grow a business. 


Mish Fretwell

Marketing Support

With over ten years experience in marketing Mish offers strategic and functional support.

Henry Williams

Henry Williams

SEO Expert

Henry has over 7 years of experience in the digital world. Specialising in Search Engine Optimisation, the process of optimising websites for search engine positioning.


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