Marketing Consultant | Conversion Rate Specialist | Part-Time Marketing Director

A Marketing Consultant for start-ups and small businesses.

“My real passion is helping small businesses and start-ups develop a marketing strategy specific to their  goals and resources”

I am lucky enough to work in all areas of marketing, and what I love most is working as a Marketing Consultant for Start-ups and small businesses. There’s something really exciting about helping smaller businesses on their journey.

As a Marketing Consultant, I have worked with numerous small businesses and start-up’s to help them put together a marketing strategy. All too often if your business is new or you’re a small business with limit resources, it can be hard to know what channels of marketing are the right one.

With my guidance and the framework, I have built and perfected over the last ten years, I will help you put together a marketing strategy designed to give you all the answers you need to grow your business. By the end of the process, we will have produced a marketing strategy that will clearly identify what are the key drivers to reach your goals with the resources you have at your disposal.

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