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An eCommerce marketing consultant with over ten years experience.

“As an eCommerce owner myself, I understand all the challenges you face on a day to day basis”

As an owner of both a digital marketing agency and an eCommerce company, I have over ten years experience as an eCommerce marketing consultant. Prior to setting up my own digital marketing agency, I worked in-house as head of eCommerce.

During my time in agency life, I have helped many eCommerce businesses, including numerous household names, create and implement successful marketing strategies.

With such a strong eCommerce heritage, I wanted to place our agency at the forefront of eCommerce, so we built our own eCommerce business, the Coffee Tasting Club, to showcase this. Today, the Coffee Tasting Club is the UK’s leading multi-roaster coffee subscription club and currently growing at an impressive rate.

Owning my own eCommerce business means that as an eCommerce marketing consultant, I have a unique perspective of what goes on behind the scenes. I understand the challenges you face beyond marketing.

Over the years, whilst working with both well-established eCommerce businesses and start-up’s, I have developed a tried and tested framework to help create a sure-fire marketing strategy. As a practising eCommerce marketing consultant, I have fine-tuned this process to ensure it can be made relevant to any eCommerce business.

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