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Why Brand Values Are So Important In The Digital Age

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Marketing | 0 comments

Why Brand Values Are So Important In The Digital Age

The landscape of how we interact and buy from companies has changed dramatically over the last decade. The pace at which it is changing is showing no signs of slowing down.

It used to be that if we needed service, we would pick up a directory, find a service provider of the service we needed and start to work our way through the list until we found someone who could help. Business to business sales used to rely heavily on travelling sales reps or reputation within the local business community.

The birth of the internet changed this and rather than flicking through 500 pages of plumbers we were able to type what we were looking for into Google. Fast forward ten years and our lives seem to have sped up to an uncontrollable level, and we demand information in an instant.

Not only has this information age changed how we find and engage with brands, but it has also changed the reasons why we choose which brand we are going to work with.

We have a choice, and therefore we choose the brand that is the best fit for us. A wide selection of companies all wanting to do business with us, which means we can afford to be fussy.

In the past, we would ring around in the hope that we could find a plumber to repair our broken boiler. Our only motivation or driving factor was to find a solution that will give us hot water.

Now, within a few clicks, we can find an array of plumbers. Some will claim to be the cheapest, others will pride themselves on reliability and customer service, and others may even ethically dispose of any waste and recycle parts where possible. We can choose a service provider whose values are in line with ours.

The driving factors behind our decision making have changed dramatically. We can demand that this brand not only does the job we want it to do but does it in a WAY that we want it to.

Whatever your primary, or even secondary motivation, there will be a brand out there that can deliver the service or product you require.

What does this all mean?

What this means is that we now make decisions based on much more than “can this company do the job I need them to do?”

We are far more likely to do business with a company whose values are in line with our own, so as brands we MUST make sure that our values are in line those of our customer. And we do this through our messaging.

Even in a B2B environment, companies still make decisions based on whether a product or service providers values are aligned with theirs. Never has it been so important to make sure your messaging represents what you stand for as a brand!

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