Micro Conversions – Just What Are They?

If you work in a digital space you’ve quite possibly come across the term ‘micro conversions’ and may just wonder what are micro conversions? We all know that the key metric to measure how a website is performing is by its conversion rate and that the user journey will heavily influence that conversion rate. If you understand your customer and master the customer or user journey then the riches of new customers await. Get it wrong and you’ll be sat around waiting for the sales to come in or the phone to ring.

What are micro conversions?

Micro conversions are essentially the smaller steps required to get your customer to the bigger goal. imagine you’re just about to head out on a first date. It’s very unlikely that you are thinking about marrying your date before you’ve even been on date number one. If you’re realistic, you’re keeping an open mind, you want to have an enjoyable date and ascertain if there is scope for a second date. One date becomes two, which then becomes 3 and 4, until one day you move in together. Natural progression moves you closer until one day, you decide you that you will get married. This journey you have taken together didn’t just happen the first time you met, it happened over time, one step at a time.

I have deliberately used a relationship scenario, as ultimately we are trying to build relationships (albeit a completely different one). Ideally, we’re trying to build a relationship with users and turn them into customers. So how does this corny relationship analogy relate to the performance of your website? Well if you can really get to know your customer, you can break down the journey they take and gear it accordingly. By breaking it down into bite-sized pieces or micro conversions, you can hone in on where you may be losing customers.

Conversion rates are a great metric, but if you are looking to improve your conversion rate, how helpful would it be to know which area, in particular, needed the most attention? It may well be that your checkout process is awesome, but your add basket button is at the bottom of a product page, hidden away below the fold.

Whatever your desired outcome for visitors to your site, there will be steps in between them hitting your site and reaching that desired outcome. By breaking down the customer journey into micro conversions, you can measure each stage and really fine tune the areas that need your love and attention. The net effect is much higher overall conversion rates.


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