How will Sky ever replace Andy Gray?

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I must admit I was gobsmacked today when I found out Andy Gray had been sacked from Sky Sports for his off air comments, which Sky deemed as being sexist.

In my eyes Andy Gray is the ultimate pundit. Nobody even comes close to being in the same league as him, so how will Sky replace him? The Redknapp boy is good, but he is nowhere near making that step up. And, if I am honest, sky do not have an abundance of decent pundits. For pure comedy value I would love to see Paul Merson get the job.Sian Massey

I feel a little disappointed, and sorry for Gray. Now, I am not going to get drawn into the whole argument about whether he should be making comments like that, and how disgraceful it is. But let’s just put this into context for a minute. He made a comment OFF AIR. This did not go out live for all to hear. It did not harm anybody. It was a comment that was made between work colleagues, and should have stayed that way. I mean, I have said some pretty nasty things about Adrian Chiles to my work colleagues, but does it affect my ability to do my job? NO, and Andy Gray has been on the Sky Sports team for as long as I can remember. Should he really lose his job for comments made off camera to friends? They could have just given him a bollocking and it would have blown over in a week or two.

We do live in a brutal world, so it was inevitable that there would be some comedy, doctored pictures around this. Now, again, I am not condoning this level of sexism in football, but it did make me chuckle.

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