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The Launch of

Posted by: Rob  /  Category: General

Parentasl Advisory - Explicit ContentWell I have finally got round to launching my personal blog. My inspiration? embarrassment. I rather vainly Googled myself earlier (and no, not in the way referred to in urban dictionary). To my horror I was nowhere. I had to look all the way to the bottom of page two before I could find anything that even resembled anything to do with me. and that was an article I had published about 18 months ago. Now that might not seem embarrassing to most people, but given what I do for a living, and how much content is on the web with my name against it, you would expect me to be higher up the rankings than that. Needles to say, that prompted me to pull my finger and get it sorted.

OK, so now my blog is off the ground, what can you expect to see here?? answer, I haven’t got a clue yet. I think it’s probably going to be a bit of rant as I battle my way through everyday challenges. Those who know me know I will speak my mind, and the language will not always be clean. It may have my obscure views and thoughts on topics. I will try and get in some funny observations, videos websites, and anything else that tickles me on my journey. I’m also thinking it will have some bits about my hobbies, golf, mountain biking, cooking.

I am pretty certain what it wont include is from my profeesional life, as my take on anything online marketing related can viewed on the Boom Online Marketing Blog. Feel free to leave comments, but spammers don’t bother wasting your time :) . I think that just about wraps up my first post. I do hope you’ll return and check out some of my future posts. Why not subscribe to updates?